Leo and his wife, Jules, started their clothing store, VIDA fashion, in 2013, in Canmore. They moved their store to Okotoks in 2017.

Leo began his studies as a fashion designer in his early 20's. Jules took clothing and textiles in high school and after that went on to take tailoring. Neither one of them had stayed with their passion, originally. Leo went on to become a florist and Jules became a hairstylist. Almost 25 years later, they opened VIDA Fashion.

What is the meaning of VIDA? The word VIDA is life in Spanish. As they see it, fashion is life. It is a way to express yourself and your soul.

We, at VIDA, believe you are never too old for fashion. It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. Never be afraid to mix a conservative piece with something bold as you will see in our collections!

We hope you enjoy shopping at VIDA, and we have created an online shopping experience on Facebook, to make it even more convenient for those of you who are having a hard time making time in your busy schedules to come out to visit us!

Online Gift Certificates can be used in our shop in Okotoks!